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This Week 02: October 11th, 2009

This is a weekly collection of things that interested me around the web.   Videos, pictures, articles… anything, as long as it’s possible to link to it (which, on the internet, is pretty likely).  This week we have elephants, superheroes, juvenile humour, premium phone lines, beer drinking and Cthulhu, so let’s begin:

I was fascinated by:

(via BoingBoing)

It’s footage of an elephant giving birth in captivity.  There’s a lengthy period of time where the baby is just lying on the ground completely still, not breathing, and the mother tries desperately to whack it to life, which was surprisingly tense and heartbreaking.  It reminded me of a programme shown a while ago on UK TV, Inside Nature’s Giants, which talked about how elephants behave when they come across the bones of another, trying to identify the deceased, and it included Richard Dawkins speculating about how sentient elephants seem to be.

I was amused by:

A Star is Born: Let’s Play Champions Online (part two, part three)- Blogger (as well as games columnist and comics guy for Escapist, and creator of the excellent DM of the Rings) Shamus Young has been recounting the adventures of one of his Champions Online characters, Star on Chest.  Shamus is a good writer and that really shines through in these articles, with lots of game commentary sprinkled into the humour.

I was entertained more than I should have been by:

Wand/Wang – (found via Chewing Pixels):  Somebody replaced the word ‘wand’ in several Harry Potter quotes with ‘wang’, which radically alters the situations.

I was baffled by:

(via BoingBoing again)

Just… bizarre.  I’m interested in knowing just what the call was about though, as I imagine most people are who have watched this video.

I was entertained by:

British Government Considered Mandating Plastic Pint Glasses (found via Ben Goldacre Delicious Feed).  The propsal itself isn’t particularly interesting – people are injured in fights using pint glasses, so the government considers getting rid of the glass element – but the writer at Lowering the Bar handles it well, pointing out that there are many more things that cause even greater numbers of injuries, and you can’t just latch on to drinking because it’s an easy target.

The internet justified its existence with:

One Nation Under Cthulhlu:

Click here for a larger version

Click here for a larger version.

(Found via Pharyngula)

The story behind it: Somebody (you can probably make a few assumptions about his nationality, religion and political viewpoint) created a picture titled “One Nation Under God”, which you can see here (with accompanying explanations if you mouse over each figure), picturing Jesus and his “allies” standing before a group of “enemies” of America.  While I don’t agree with most of what it represents I do like the image itself, but I love the Cthulhu one even more, especially for the short turnaround between the Jesus version being publicised and the Cthulhu one appearing.  The internet wins again!

Game of the Week – The Sims 3 with AwesomeMod

Film of the Week – Night Watch

TV of the Week – House (season six première)

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