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TV: House (S06E02)

Wikipedia Fact: "

Wikipedia Fact: "The most-watched episode of House's first five seasons is the season 4 episode "Frozen", which aired after Super Bowl XLII. It attracted slightly more than 29 million viewers. House ranked third for the week, equalling the rating of American Idol and surpassed only by the Super Bowl itself and the post-game show."

Year of Broadcast: 2009 (20 days behind US)

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Andre Braugher, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Megan Dodds, Andrew Harrison Leeds,  Franka Potente, Derek Richardson.

*Spoilers Follow*

Summary: House gives his therapy with Dr. Nolan a serious try, and on his advice tries to form connections with those around him.

Note: In the US the first and second episodes were broadcast together as one episode, “Broken”, whereas in the UK they were two separate episodes shown one week apart.  This entry considers “Broken (part two)” the second episode, and that’s what I’m talking about in the post.

Thoughts: So, I was correct with my prediction in the last episode that House would successfully cure the silent woman, Annie, using Steve’s advice about her “voice box” being stolen.  It wasn’t exactly a difficult prediction, of course, nor was it as dramatic as I thought it would have been, and wasn’t even the thing that led to House being discharged with his medical license restored, so I wasn’t that correct.  Still, it would have been impressive if House had done it in the talent show, taking Steve and Annie and ‘curing’ them both on stage, but by that point House just wasn’t in that frame of mind, and the direction they took it was much more natural, and of course helped Steve almost as much as Annie.  It’s also because of House that Alvie ends up taking his medication again, so while we didn’t have any actual medical mysteries in these first two episodes, technically he dramatically helped three of the other patients, even if he also seriously injured one of them.

Speaking of the talent show, I really liked House’s rap duet with Alvie.  It wasn’t forced or out of character, with House at first just helping out out the struggling rapper with a couple of lines before Alvie brought him into the act and on stage, with House using his wit, intellect and musical ability to quickly come up with rhymes (while still hesitating convincingly each time).  It was a far cry from House at the beginning of the episode, when he was feeling extremely low because of what happened with Steve, reluctant even to confide in Dr. Nolan.  We also found out more about Dr. Nolan, who if anything seemed to be more of a loner than House.  I’d like it if he turned up again at some point, perhaps bringing the team a patient or two, because he’s an interesting character and I like Andre Braugher.

The other main thread of the episode was House falling for Lydia, the (married) woman who comes in each week to visit Annie, her sister-in-law, despite it not being possible to have any meaningful interaction with her.  Somewhat ironically, it was House’s curing of Annie (which he essentially presented to Lydia as a gift) that doomed their relationship, as it meant she was free to move away, something which she (and her husband) had only not done because they were anchored to Annie.  Still, the fact that House was able to form a romantic relationship – an actual, non-hallucinated one, even! – with a stranger not long after shaking off his addiction is hopefully something that will stick with him for some time, and help keep the pills at bay now that he’s heading back to his old life.

Speaking of which, next week House should be back at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.  It’s going to interesting seeing what happens when a clean and happy House goes back to his team, who have had to continue without him and likely adapted to the new dynamic.

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