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This Week 04: October 24

Here we are again with the best things I found on the web this week, linky linky linky.  This week’s selection brings together science popularisers, Nick Griffin, sleazy tabloids, LEGO, Link, Kanye West, Adolf Hitler,  lawbreakers, creepy photos, anvils and cartoon skulls.  We kick things off with more singing scientists (see This Week 01 for the first):

This week I loved:

(found via Pharyngula)

Again, there are some great quotes in there from Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.  It’s not necessary to hear them autotuned, of course, because they stand up on their own merits, but it still makes for a great ‘song’.  There’s a very brief clip of the excellent Power of 10 too, which is always worth a watch.

I was amused by:

Hmm.. Remember this? –  A perfect summing up of the hypocrisy of some of Britain’s tabloid newspapers, roaring loudly against BNP member Nick Griffin appearing on the BBC because he’s a racist, while having played their part in stirring up the immigration hysteria that has encouraged people to support the BNP in the first place.  Speaking of Nick Griffin (and generally I’d rather not), Casette Boy came up with this spot-on remix of his views.  Newspapers also took a bit of a hit here (via BenGoldacre Delcious feed), with a hoax crew able to get several to offer money for confidential medical records.  If it was in the public interest, naturally.

I was boggled by:

(via SimonParkin Twitter)

Just an incredible effort.

I enjoyed:

The sarcasm of Link – Link’s “well EXCUSE me, princess” line is pretty much all I remember about the old Zelda cartoon, and this is an entertaining look at exactly how the web chooses to spell it.  The author gives up at 67 u’s!

I was entertained by:

An audience are presented with a selection of quotes from Kanye West and Adolf Hitler and asked to identify which of them said it (I think Garfunkel and Oates cheat on one of them!).

I was impressed by:

Man break 15 laws in 11 minutes – That takes some dedication.

I liked:

via Criggo, where its simply called Huh?

via Criggo, where it's simply called "Huh?"

I was disturbed by:

The Creepiest Things You’ll Ever See (via BoingBoing) – A collection of professionally retouched pageant photos, with cute children ‘perfected’ into freaky, inhuman creatures.

I was amused by:

(via BoingBoing)

Because why wouldn’t somebody have decided to fire an anvil hundreds of feet into the air?  I particularly liked his story of contrasting reactions from women (“why would you do that?”) and men (“Wow, great idea!”).

I enjoyed:

Forensic Reconstruction of Famous Skulls of Fiction (via Chewing Pixels) – After watching a programme about forensic reconstruction and the ability to create a reasonably accurate face from the skull, the author had his wife do the same for the skulls of Skeletor, Manny Calavera and Jack Skellington.  In the comments over there are links to people who have done the opposite, taking cartoon characters and turning them into skeletons (link one, link two).

Game of the Week:

Brutal Legend

Film of the Week:


TV of the Week:

Dexter (season four, episode four)

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