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TV: Stargate Universe: Light (S01E05)


Wikipedia Fact: ""Fire" was originally going to be the title for episode four, but the story and script was too big to be able to fit into one episode, so the producers changed it to become a two-parter called "Darkness" and "Light", therefore pushing all future episodes forward one slot."

Year of Broadcast: 2009

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, David Blue, Brian J. Smith, Jamil Walker Smith, Elyse Levesque, Alaina Huffman, Ming-Na

*Spoilers Follow*

Summary: With the Destiny drifting towards a star, the crew hold a lottery to determine which seventeen people get a place on the shuttle and a chance at life on a nearby habitable planet.

Thoughts: I really liked this episode.  I’m fond of the general scenario anyway – where people have to make decisions over who is important and deserves to be saved – and the episode handled it well.  It was obvious that the ship wasn’t going to be destroyed (I was fearing a last-minute epiphany from Rush, which would have annoyed me) even before Young and Rush both took themselves out of the lottery and condemned themselves to go down with the ship.  When none of the other main cast members joined Scott and Johansen it just made it even clearer that the Destiny was going to pull through somehow.

Speaking of which, I liked that none of the main cast ended up picked by the lottery and getting on the shuttle.  With there being so many survivors it wouldn’t have made sense if any/all of the few main cast members earned a place, but it also meant there was some uncertainty about the shuttle’s fate.  Killing off Scott in particular would have been surprising (although he both had his hero moment a couple of episodes ago and ‘got the girl’ in this one, almost suggesting he could have died relatively fulfilled), but it wasn’t surprising enough that it guaranteed the shuttle’s survival, giving it the tension that was lacking from the Destiny’s fate.

Like the caffeine/nicotine withdrawals from last episode, I thought it was a nice tough to have Eli send one of the Kino camera bots out of the airlock so that they could see what the Destiny looks like.  Obviously as viewers we see the exterior of the ship several times an episode, which made me forget that the crew have never seen it from the outside, and it was clearly an important event for Rush, who actually thanked Eli for letting him see something he didn’t think he would.  Unless, of course, Rush really did know that the Destiny hadn’t gone off course and was simply heading into the star to refuel, in which case anything he said or did in his ‘last moments’ wasn’t necessarily genuine at all.  It’s interesting to think about, and just further cements Rush as my favourite character of the programme, a programme that so far I’d say has yet to really put a foot wrong.

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