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Film: Prince of Persia trailer does its job

That is, it does a convincing job of looking to be an entertaining fantasy film that possibly isn’t butchering the source material:

Of course, trailers are supposed to present their films in the best possible light (that’s pretty much their entire function), but there’s nothing particularly worrying there.  The dagger and Sands of Time are in, as is the prince, and there seems to be an epic battle for the fate of the world that also happens to involve some climbing and acrobatics.  That would be faithful enough for me, especially as the Prince games do seem to go through regular reinventions, so an acrobatic prince in a Persian setting who saves a princess/the world is pretty much all it needs to have to stay true.

It doesn’t mean the film will be any good though, and I imagine most gamers are long past the point where they look at video game adaptations (or even just any film with a gaming element) with any sort of optimism.

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