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TV: House – Instant Karma (S06E05)


Episode quote: "Whether you want to be in charge or not, you are, and you always will be." (Dr. Robert Chase)

Year of Broadcast: 2009 (20 days behind US)

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Lee Tergesen.

*Spoilers Follow*

Summary: The team try to diagnose the son of a billionaire who believes he is being punished for the good life he’s lived; Foreman has to give a talk on the previous case, so he works with Chase to make sure there are no inconsistencies; Thirteen decides to leave the country.

Thoughts: This week’s case served as a good test for House’s new approach to life.  The old House would have done all he could to disprove the father’s beliefs (as we’ve seen him do before with religious patients), that the patient was dying because his father had been so successful that karmic forces were killing off his loved ones to balance things out.  The idea that some sort of external force monitors the actions of a group of apes on one particular rock in the universe and alters their lives based on some sort of quest for balance in their careers and family is a wholly irrational one, but aside from some general disagreement House pretty much let it slide.

I honestly don’t know where they’re going with House’s team at the moment.  Taub hasn’t appeared at all since quitting and Thirteen does seem to be jetting off to Thailand for an indeterminate amount of time (despite House’s apparent attempts to bring her back), seemingly bringing that whole chapter to a close and reuniting House with the old team.  It’s possible that’s it’s all because one member of the old team is supposed to be leaving the series, so the season kicks off with the old gang back together, giving them lots of screen time and then removing at least one from the series indefinitely.  It would be interesting to see how either Chase or Cameron could leave without the other, even if Chase’s recent actions have put a little distance between the two (but still nowhere near making divorce and resignation a possibility).

On the subject of Chase, he seems to have come to terms with essentially committing murder quite quickly, with the only stress coming from his attempts to help Foreman cover it up.  I doubt their success brings that storyline to an end though, because it really would gloss over the whole murder situation a bit too quickly.

That’s about all I have to say on this episode.

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