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TV: House – Brave Heart (S06E06)


Episode Quote: "I just need it Tuesdays for animal sacrifices." (Dr. James Wilson)

Year of Broadcast: 2009 (20 days behind US)

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Jon Seda.

*Spoilers Follow*

Summary: The team try to diagnose a detective who believes he is doomed to die within weeks but has no symptoms; Wilson moves House into his study, but House starts hearing voices; Chase becomes increasingly affected by the Dibala case.

Thoughts: The opening of the episode, two detectives chasing a free-running criminal, was quite over-the-top, to the point that I expected it was going to turn out to be a TV show or a movie rather than an actual police chase.  I don’t know what it is about it, but criminals who are also masters of parkour just comes across as artificial to me.  It wasn’t relevant to the case though and we didn’t see the criminal again after this week’s patient, Donny (one of the policemen), fell several storeys while attempting an impossible rooftop jump.

The fall didn’t have anything to do with the case except that it was why he was in the ER and discovered by Cameron, with his partner informing us that he takes stupid risks like that often because he believes he’ll be dead within weeks, a victim of the same condition that struck down three previous generations of his family, all at the same age.  That meant that to start with there were no symptoms to go on save for that all three men’s deaths had been attributed to heart problems.  For House that was enough to decide there was no problem, faking a cure and discharging the patient (who now believed he was cured), which meant he looked rather silly when Donny was reported dead just hours later.

Donny wasn’t really dead, of course, leading to the entertaining scene of House and Foreman performing an autopsy on the ‘deceased’ Donny, only to have him come back to life while they were cutting into his chest (which was similar to the trick House played on Kutner and Taub last season, except this time it was real).  When the patient ‘died’ so early on in the episode it did make me wonder just how it was going to proceed, because had they switched to Donny’s son being the patient it was difficult to imagine how there would have been any pressure to find a cure for something that won’t strike for almost thirty years.

House’s story this week revolved around him moving from Wilson’s couch to Wilson’s study, a room which House said had become a shrine to Amber, which seemed a bit of an exaggerration for a room with a few pictures in.  House kept hearing whispers once he was in there, which made him worry that he was starting to hallucinate again, but it turned out to be from Wilson, who is still so affected by Amber’s death that he talks to her every night, which was a very sad scene.  I liked that House actually gave it a try, talking to his deceased father briefly before writing it off as stupid.  It’s not the kind of thing House would normally try, which supported Wilson’s comment to Amber that he is really getting better, even if his lying to patients and mistreatment of other doctors to get his own way shows that he does have a long way to go, and likely won’t ever change too much from the House we all love.

Finally, we saw how Chase is handling the aftermath of killing Dibala two episodes back.  I commented last week that “he seems to have come to terms with essentially committing murder quite quickly”, but clearly that was just because there simply wasn’t time last episode to both have Chase and Foreman covering up the incident and have Chase buckling under the weight of his actions.  This episode he was struggling to go near the room in which Dibala died, zoning out of the differential diagnosis, going to confession and, finally, getting very drunk.  It seems likely now that this is going to drive Cameron and Chase apart as he continues to hold back the truth, probably followed by a confession that comes too late and just pushes her further away.

It will be interesting to see what happens when one of them does leave (if indeed one of them is), because so far House’s team has always focused on three or four people, which is why Chase and Cameron were marginalised in seasons four and five and why Taub and Thirteen are absent now, but there’s no reason we couldn’t have Foreman, Chase/Cameron, Taub and Thirteen all on the team.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, because I’d really like to have Taub and Thirteen back.  I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

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