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Gaming: Dante’s Inferno – Visceral Have Learned Their Lesson?

Dante's Inferno

Wikipedia fact: "The game is loosely based on Inferno, the first book of Dante Alighieri's epic poem, The Divine Comedy. The story of the game is written by Will Rokos, who wrote the film Monster's Ball."

When the demo for Visceral Games’ Dead Space released, I was wholly unimpressed by it.  The ‘Dismemberment ‘ demo pretty much just shoves you in a room to fight off waves of monsters, after which you try to leave and a monster automatically kills you.  There’s no look at the story, no tension because the whole thing is entirely without context (making it impossible to have any investment in events) and it’s difficult to even really get a feel for the combat in the tight confines and multiple respawns of that room.

About all you can tell from it is that, yes, you can shoot off limbs with a selection of weapons that there isn’t really time to learn the nuances of.  As demos go it was a pretty terrible introduction to the game, and ultimately I got the game in spite of the demo rather than because of it. Dead Space turned out to be a very good game that I thoroughly enjoyed , but none of the things I enjoyed about it came across in the demo.  Resident Evil 5 was another one that stripped me of all enthusiasm for the game, and I’ve still not got around to buying that.  The Escapist’s Shamus Young has a good article here on the subject that covers both games, as well as the reasons why this is bad for everybody, players and developers.

For that reason, I was pleased to read that Visceral will this time include the entire opening and first level of their upcoming Dante’s Inferno in the demo they will release in December.  That should give us a good sense of the character and set up the story as well as showing off the combat.  That’s pretty much exactly what a demo should be, in my opinion.

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