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This Week 07: November 15th, 2009

I’m a little late with this, but here’s this week’s collection of links.  For your viewing pleasure this week we have a bunch of sites bringing together movies, Lego, Howl’s Moving Castle, Studio Ghibli, computer animation, chimpanzees, drunk people, grave robbers and sharks:

I really liked:

(via Mental Floss)

It’s a mega mash-up of movie quotes, all put to music and rhyming.  At times the music is a little loud and makes it hard to hear the quotes, but if you click through to the YouTube page the lyrics are included.

I loved:

Lego Howl’s Moving Castle – I really like seeing all the incredible things people are able to make with Lego, there’s a surprising level of talent dedicated to it.  If you don’t know what Howl’s Moving Castle is then go get yourself the DVD, followed by every other Studio Ghibli film, and enjoy.

I enjoyed:

(via BoingBoing)

I was horrified by:

Chimp Attack Victim Unveils Destroyed Face on Oprah – The injuries are incredibly severe (in the 911 call, the chimp’s owner said the chimp had ripped her friend’s face off and thought she had been killed), and raises questions about keeping chimps as pets, because when things go wrong they really can do a lot of damage.

I was shocked by: (Don’t worry, it turns out okay)

(original found on Break, embeddable on BoingBoing)

I liked:

Worth More Dead Than Alive: 5 Famous Grave Robberies – It’s an interesting article about attempted (and occasionally successful) celebrity grave robberies, holding the corpses hostage for money.   It’s probably a lot less hassle when your hostage is already dead, but does rob the scenario of a lot of the tension.  “Pay up or we… won’t give the remains back” isn’t quite “Pay up or they die!”. (Found via BoingBoing)

I enjoyed:

The 7 Most Badass Last Stands in the History of Battle – A lot of Cracked’s humour is very firmly embedded in men’s humour, breasts and pop culture (and entertaining for it), but I found this article to be a very good read, more so than the regular Cracked fare.

I liked:

Shark bite prompts surprise birth – A shark bites a pregnant shark in front of visitors and unleashes eight babies, and all survived.  Quoting the article:

Ms Davies said the unusual delivery had probably saved the baby sharks’ lives.

If the mother had given birth naturally, most likely at night, the babies would have been eaten by adult sharks and stingrays before staff could rescue them.

Another quote I enjoyed: (via It Starts With a Bang)

The Mars Polar Lander cost the average American the price of half a cheeseburger. A human lander would cost the average American more — perhaps even ten cheeseburgers! So be it. That is no great sacrifice.
-JONAH GOLDBERG, National Review Online, May 3, 2000

Film of the week: No films watched.

TV of the week: True Blood season two finale

Game of the week: Left 4 Dead (again, I played little this week)


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