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This Week 08: November 22nd, 2009

Before the linkage kicks off, I found a subtitled version of the Golden Age of Video clip from last week’s link dump, which helps overcome the fairly loud music.

And now, link time.  This week we have balancing acts, rockets, an entire decade, more Modern Warfare 2 discussion, aeroplanes, Futurama, Star Wars, Adolf Hitler, advertising and cavemen.  I’m also trying out a new format, so check it out:


An artist named Walter Wick makes a very precarious stack of 117 items, all balanced on a single Lego brick, then sends in wind-up toys to knock it down:

(via BoingBoing)


Photographer Ben Cooper places a sound-activated camera near the launch of a Delta-4 Heavy rocket.  It destroyed the lens, but he says that was worth it for the picture he took.


Newsweek summarises the current decade in seven minutes.


That controversial Modern Warfare 2 level is still being discussed.  Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Kieron Gillen gives his fairly scathing verdict, while Savvy Gamer takes a more humorous approach, reporting it to Activision as a bug report and getting an oblivious response.  “This does not appear to be a known issue with the game.”


Mental Floss examines an aeroplane ‘graveyard’ in the Mojave desert.  Some are still in good condition and are simply parked there while not needed, others are slowly being stripped of useful parts.  It looks pretty post-apocalyptic in places, though it’s nothing compared to an area like Chernobyl.


A fairly odd-looking house for sale.  The Lovely Listing blog expertly identifies what it resembles.


The pain-staking process to make the Death Star CGI sequence in the original Star Wars, where even a basic copy & paste command would have made a significant difference:

(via Mental Floss)


The ever-fascinating Letters of Note has a memo signed by Adolf Hitler, authorising the ‘mercy deaths’ of people with incurable illnesses, following years of mandatory sterilisation (and later the killing) of those with birth defects.  Quote:

As noted in the memo, Karl Brandt and Philipp Bouhler are handed the reigns and over the next few years will oversee the murder of approximately 200,000 people. Action T4’s need to kill humans in such vast numbers will also result in the introduction of ‘death by gas’ to the Nazi regime.


Some incredibly inappropriate classic ads.  “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.”  (Via Oobject, which itself was via SimonParkin)


From the same site, a creative (and deceptively rude) personal ad.


Incredibly immature, but amusing: Summarize your sex life with a Star Wars quote (via Mental Floss).  From there, I also learned the apparent origins of the meme “Do Not Want“.


The aptly-titled Stupid Comics shares a bizarre caveman story which details how one caveman invented pretty much everything.  Thank you, Da-Ro!


Film of the week: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the only film I watched, but also a classic).

TV of the week: Doctor Who: The Water of Mars

Game of the week: Left 4 Dead (still not doing much gaming, one more week to go)

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