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This Week 11 & 12: December 13 and 20th, 2009

Thanks to my forced absence I missed last week’s post (and the internet in general), so this one combines the things I collected before my absence (which would have been part of Week 11) with the things I’ve found in the few days since returning to the web (Week 12). So here we have science jokes, spiders, Jack Bauer, Shaolin monks, Saturn and Twilight.


Jack Bauer gets himself on Santa’s naughty list:

(from Rebel Christmas Card)


Science comedian Brian Malow rattles off joke after joke on the “A x walks into a bar” theme. Most of them are groan-inducing but amusing:

(via BoingBoing)


The American Natural History Museum has “an 11-by-4-foot tapestry made completely of spider silk”. It’s the only one of its kind, apparently. Quote of the process involved:

The task of silking a spider starts with a small machine — designed centuries ago when the first attempts to silk spiders were begun — that holds the spider down.

“The spiders are harnessed … held down in a delicate way,” Godley says, “so you need people to do this who are very tactile so the spiders are not harmed. So there’s a chain of about 80 people who go out every morning at four o’clock, collect spiders, we get them in by 10 o’clock. They’re in boxes, they’re numbered, and then as they get silked, about 20 minutes later, they get released back into nature.”


A Shaolin monk shows off his ability to balance on just two fingers, which according to the video is a feat shared only by one other person in the world:

(via I Am Bored, which itself was via Mental Floss)


A team of scientists want to float a boat on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.  As it says through the link, “It is something that would really capture the imagination.”


In a similar vein to the CSI mocking I linked to back in the fifth link dump, the following video collects together many, many different scenes from films and TV all doing ridiculous image enhancing:


Chud shares some of the insanity in the fourth Twilight Book, Breaking Dawn, and reveals how making it into a movie could be the greatest gift possible to non-fans.


Symphony of Science have another video of autotuned science popularisers sharing their thoughts on life (you can see the other two in the first and fourth link dumps):

(via Pharyngula)


Film of the two weeks: American Beauty

TV of the two weeks: Dexter (season four finale) – Simply excellent.

Game of the two weeks: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena – My current game of the year.

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