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TV: Dollhouse – The Left Hand (S02E06)

Episode quote: "I'm afraid of Caroline. If she comes back where will I go?" (Echo)

Year of Broadcast: 2010

Starring: Eliza Dushku, Harry J. Lennix, Fran Kranz, Olivia Williams, Stacey Scowley, Miracle Laurie, Alexis Denisof, Summer Glau, Enver Gjokaj.

*Spoilers follow*

Summary: DeWitt and Topher go to the D.C. Dollhouse to try to retrieve Echo and discover their plans for Daniel Perrin; Echo and Perrin escape and try to expose Rossum.


  • It was strange seeing Topher out of the Dollhouse, I don’t recall if that’s ever happened before but he was clearly out of his element.
  • Victor as Topher was great, both sounding like him and replicating his mannerisms. I honestly couldn’t tell if they dubbed his voice over or if it was just a spot-on impression (which is my guess). There was a great conversation between the two about how attractive Bennett is.
  • Both Topher and Bennett seemed to be in awe of one another, which was nice, especially as they were ultimately working against one another. There was good dialogue between them, with Bennett upgrading his disruptor (and guessing the name immediately, after Topher had to try and explain it in the previous episode) and Topher thinking she was a Doll because she’s beautiful.
  • The D.C. Dollhouse seems to have a torture option in their Dollhouse chair. Was that to make them clearly the bad guys in this situation?
  • The readiness with which Topher accepted Bennett’s lie that Echo had assaulted her and kidnapped Perrin kind of shows just how common her malfunctions are, although in this case it was a continuation of the malfunction from the previous episode. Bennett apparently staged the escape just so Perrin could kill Echo, which I would have thought they could have done safely within the Dollhouse, but maybe Topher’s arrival interfered with the plans so she had to improvise.
  • It seems I was wrong about Bennett maybe having programmed Caroline. Apparently Bennett and Caroline worked together until Caroline abandoned her (which is when she lost the use of her arm), possibly in that same event that led to Caroline becoming a Doll. So they were both independently acquired by two separate Dollhouses, one as a Doll and one who happened to be brilliant enough to take over the technical side of the D.C. Dollhouse? Unless there’s more to it that whole scenario seems like a bit of a stretch.
  • By the end of the episode Ballard (who actually wasn’t present) had completely vanished, Echo was on the run and Perrin turned out to have already been programmed to vindicate Rossum and made no mention of the LA Dollhouse, so it really did seem like DeWitt and the gang had been mistaken and their entire involvement was pointless. Worse, it was actually detrimental because it resulted in the loss of Ballard and Echo. I’m sure that won’t turn out to be the case, but that was how it seemed to me. Bennett even mentioned early on that Perrin would clear Rossum of any wrongdoing, which would mean that the LA Dollhouse was never in any danger.
  • It was a good episode with a lot happening. ¬†For me it’s the kind of episode that makes it a shame Dollhouse is coming to an end, although I do both understand and agree with its cancellation.
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