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Gaming: The E3 Rumour Round-Up

E3 2010

Cracked quote (click image for source): "This year's event, however, will more likely be remembered as the precise moment video gaming as we know it died a tragic and embarrassing death."

In the run-up to E3, the biggest gaming event of the year, the actual news starts to die down as everything is being saved for big reveals. However, news sites still need to put out a steady stream of content so there tends to be a lot more focus on rumours, seizing any little hint that a game might exist in some form that wasn’t previously known about. As E3 approached I made a note of each of them and decided to see which ones came true and which were apparently a load of nonsense. Every rumour is collected below with a linked source, separated by whether they were true or not (at least as far as I can tell):

A side note: The source I’ve included isn’t necessarily the originator of the rumour, simply the place I first saw it. One site popping up a lot isn’t an indicator of anything other than it’s a site I get news from.

The True:

The False:

The Unconfirmed:

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