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TV: Damages – I was wrong

In my recent post about the season finale of Damages I said (with added emphasis):

By the end season three had resolved a lot of the hanging threads from season one and gave us an episode that serves as a strong conclusion for the series as a whole (unless it gets revived in a rumoured deal with DirecTV, but at this point I don’t think that’s likely).

Well I was wrong. Digital Spy is reporting that a deal with Sony Pictures means that DirecTV has purchased the rights to broadcast Damages and will produce an additional two seasons of ten episodes. They’ll start next year, and hopefully the BBC’s existing deal will remain in place and the UK will continue to get the episodes not long after the US.

While it’s nice that the show will continue I did like the finale we were given, which brought things to a fitting end and tied up a lot of the existing storylines. I guess it will be nice to see more of Patty and Ellen though, and considering how close it came to ending these two extra seasons (or more) will be a nice bonus.

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