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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Day 09

This post is part of a month-long project, answering thirty topics about movies over thirty days. The subject for the ninth day is:

A movie with the best soundtrack

I’m really not much of a music person, which seems like a pretty rare affliction. For whatever reason I don’t seem to experience music like other people do, meaning I had to think about this topic before realising there is a movie with a lot of songs that I still listen to, and that film is:

American Beauty

American Beauty

(No image source this time. For some reason almost every large image of American Beauty is of a naked Mena Suvari covered in rose petals and I had to take this one myself.)

As with Blade Runner yesterday I’ll be talking about American Beauty again later, so the easiest thing to do here is to list the soundtrack (courtesy of Wikipedia):

  1. Dead Already – Thomas Newman
  2. Because – Elliott Smith
  3. Free to Go – The Folk Implosion
  4. All Right Now – Free
  5. Use Me Up – Bill Withers
  6. Cancer for the Cure – Eels
  7. The Seeker – The Who
  8. Don’t Rain on my Parade – Bobby Darin
  9. Open the Door – Betty Carter
  10. We Haven’t Turned Around – Gomez
  11. Bali Ha’i – Peggy Lee
  12. Any Other Name – Thomas Newman

There’s a good selection in there (and I’m particularly fond of the instrumental pieces from Thomas Newman, more of which are in the actual score collection), though for some reasons it’s missing possibly the highlight for me, Annie Lennox’s version of “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” that Angela listens to near the end of the film.

It’s entirely possible that I only like most of the songs because of their connection to the film, which adds layers to them that otherwise wouldn’t be present, but I suppose that’s exactly what a good film and soundtrack combination should do, and in that respect American Beauty is the greatest success I can think of.


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