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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Day 20

This post is part of a month-long project, answering thirty topics about movies over thirty days. We’re two thirds of the way in now and the subject for the twentieth day is:

Favourite movie from your favorite actor/actress

I’m not great at picking out favourites. It’s partly why I try not to overthink the game of the year posts, instead going on my immediate reaction to the question of whether a new entry is better or worse than the other games in the list, otherwise I’d be going back and forth all day. What that means for this topic is that I’m going to have to wheel out the question mark again:



Trying to work out who my favourite actor/actress is and then narrow them down to one performance is too much, so I’m just going to list all those who come to mind:

  • Harrison Ford – One of the few to come out of Star Wars with his career intact. He’s been Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard, and that’s not even the entirety of the highlights of his career. Favourite movie: Blade Runner (it’s not my favourite performance of his, but that’s not the topic)
  • Kevin Spacey – While I don’t think Spacey has had as many iconic roles as Ford they’re no less memorable, with films like American Beauty, Seven, The Usual Suspects and L.A. Confidential being personal favourites. Favourite movie: American Beauty
  • Ian McKellen – A wonderful actor, including high-profile roles as Magneto in X-Men and Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. Favourite movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Brad Pitt – I vaguely recall a time when Brad Pitt seemed to mostly be dismissed as a pretty boy because of how popular he was with female viewers, something which has long since passed as he’s proven himself a great actor in a varied selection of roles. Favourite movie: Fight Club
  • Bruce Willis – He’s similar to Harrison Ford in that he’s successfully escaped what gave him his big break – Die Hard and ’80s action movies in general – and managed to have a long career as a talented actor in some great roles, always able to revive his career when it seemed to be in decline. In fact, I don’t think I could pick a favourite for him.
  • Bill Murray – Another actor with a knack for picking out unique roles, especially in recent years and films like Lost in Translation and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as well as some great comedies. Favourite movie: Probably a toss-up between Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m a little disappointed there aren’t any actresses in there (I need to have a think on Sigourney Weaver) but those are all the actors I could think of.


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