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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Day 23

This post is part of a month-long project, answering thirty topics about movies over thirty days. The subject for the twenty-third day is:

Favourite animation

When it comes to the top tier of animation films there are really only two studios competing, Pixar and Studio Ghibli, and for me those two are ahead of classic Disney and the other big animation movies (although films like The Lion King and The Land Before Time are excellent). Both studios already have one entry so far in this project, with Pixar’s Up making an appearance on day one and Studio Ghibli’s Grave of the Fireflies on day four, each ahead of live action films in their respective categories. When it comes to absolute favourite I think I have to go with:



(Click the image for a link to the source)

WALL-E is pretty unusual for a blockbuster movie release, even for a studio like Pixar that always comes up with unusual scenarios for its films. WALL-E himself has an incredibly limited vocabulary, only able to manage a few words, and so does EVE, the other main character of the film. Most of the start of the film has almost no dialogue and Pixar really shines there, telling their story and plenty of jokes without words. Even when proper speaking characters are introduced it’s still WALL-E and EVE who carry the film and do so wonderfully.

The film is set far in the future after Earth has been abandoned by humans because of the huge levels of pollution and waste, escaping on huge ships that will keep the species alive until the planet is cleaned up and plants are able to grow again. The clean-up operation involves robots collecting all the rubbish, compacting it and gathering it all up in one place, and the implication in the film is that WALL-E is the last one still functional, scavenging fresh parts from deactivated units to keep going. EVE is a survey unit sent from one of the ships to find plant life, and when WALL-E sees her he is utterly fascinated with her, quickly falling in love and following her off world and onto the ship that sent her.

From that point the film shifts in tone slightly, introducing a villain, an item to protect and more speaking roles but never losing the central love story, the beautiful visuals or the great characters. WALL-E really is a wonderful film. It’s not just a great animated film, it’s a great film in general and one of my favourites.


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