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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Day 25

This post is part of a month-long project, answering thirty topics about movies over thirty days. With just five more to go, the subject for the twenty-fifth day is:

The most hilarious movie you’ve ever seen

I don’t recall off-hand the last time I watched a recent comedy film that I really enjoyed. Maybe Team America: World Police would be the most recent, and I quite liked the original Death at a Funeral farce. When it comes to most hilarious though I think it would either be one of the Monty Python films or:



(No source, this is a screengrab from the DVD)

One of the saddest things about watching Airplane is how much better a spoof it is than the ones being made these days, especially the woeful <GENRE> Movie series that try and get by just referencing other films (or even reality shows) regardless of how they fit the genre they’re supposed to be spoofing, and not even making a joke about it so much as just referencing. It’s basically humour built around the writers saying, “Hey, remember this?” and thinking that qualifies as a joke, and as a result they’re awful and will inevitably date very quickly.

Airplane! does reference other films (and may indeed heavily reference the central film it’s parodying, Zero Hour!, but I’ve not seen it), with a big Saturday Night Fever sequence and an opening that uses the plane’s tail as the shark’s fin from Jaws. It works better because they’re funny in their own right rather than only being funny if you get the reference (and it helps that the Jaws bit has become an enduring part of popular culture), as opposed to just hoping the reference will be enough.

It’s also funny in general, outside of the references. It’s very wacky and there are lots of over-the-top and surreal jokes but they seldom fall flat and there are lots of great, memorable lines that are still said today, thirty years after release. It really is a great film that never stops being funny, making it all the more of a shame that the spoof genre is in such poor shape these days.


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