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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Day 30

This post is part of a month-long project, answering thirty topics about movies over thirty days. This is the end now, and to finish off the thirty days the subject is:

Your favourite movie of all time

I’ve mentioned before that I find it difficult to pick favourites in general, more comfortable clustering a group of things together rather than declare one to be my outright favourite. For my favourite movie it boils down to just two, either American Beauty (which I’ve already covered in detail here explaining why I like it, with some comments about its soundtrack here) or a film which I’ve also briefly covered before here, and that film is:

Blade Runner

Blade Runner

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Blade Runner was a film that originally passed me by, being released shortly before I was born and not having the same level of pop culture penetration to give me an awareness of it as a film I should watch. It was only two decades later that I saw it for sale on DVD and, knowing it was a good film, decided to buy it and see what it was like (the DVD was the original ‘Director’s Cut’ so I’ve never seen the theatrical version with the narration and happy ending).

Even after watching it I wasn’t struck by its brilliance or immediately converted into somebody who adores the film above pretty much all others, it was just a film that grew on me over time. It’s something I can sit down and watch if I can’t think of anything else I want to watch and still be utterly engrossed, it’s a film that just hearing a quote or seeing a clip from can make me want to watch it all again. Even writing about it here is  making me want to get the DVD out again, just seven months after the last time I saw it (I’m planning to get the Blu-Ray release though with all the different versions, so I’m probably going to wait until then to see it again).

Set in what used to be the distant future, November 2019 (now just nine years and three months away), it stars Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, a ‘blade runner’ tasked with hunting down a group of replicants who recently arrived in LA. Replicants are organic androids that resemble humans so closely that the only way to identify them is through a personality test (the Voight-Kampff test), and as it’s difficult to get a replicant to sit down for a test they know will out them it’s important for a blade runner to have good instincts and be a good shot. The replicants are designed with a short lifecycle of just a few years, so they’ve come to LA to track down all the people who made them to obtain a ‘cure’ to prevent their imminent deaths, killing anybody who gets in their way or isn’t of use to them.

The film’s LA is a beautiful sci-fi dystopia (Wikipedia refers to it as neo-noir), all towering buildings, flying cars, neon lights and video ads. It embraces a lot of noir themes, with the reluctant detective investigating a case almost solely with his own resources instead of supported by the police, getting through on luck as much as skill. The film questions the nature of humanity and identity and the replicants aren’t monsters (they do kill, but when you only have months to live and the police hunting you are ordered to shoot on sight there’s little reason not to).

Even now I couldn’t say quite what it is about Blade Runner that makes me love it over pretty much all other films, but I do. The fantastic setting, the great characters, the memorable lines, special effects that still hold up pretty well and a good story all add up to make Blade Runner a great film, one that I’m comfortable saying is one of my favourite films of all time.


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