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Film: 30 Movies in 30 Days: Final Thoughts

30 Movies

30 Movies (almost)

The month-long project is now at an end, with thirty topics about movies answered over thirty days. I have a few closing comments I wanted to share.

It was a lot of fun, which I think is the most important thing. At times I struggled to think of a definitive answer (and sometimes simply couldn’t), and I think a few them might not be as accurate as I’d like (like the greatest twist/surprise ending topic on day seven, for which I really need to watch a couple of other films, including Oldboy), but I’m fairly happy about pretty much every entry.

It also got me doing some things that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. I watched some of the movies again to help confirm my choices (Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, Airplane!, Grave of the Fireflies, Fight Club, Amelie, Up), and I’ve made more posts about films in the past thirty days than I have since the blog started. I’m never quite sure about talking about movies because I generally feel that because I don’t necessarily take the same things from them as film buffs or experience them on quite the same level, which leaves me feeling I don’t really have anything worth saying. That’s still true but I think it’s okay to share worthless opinions on my own blog and hopefully I’ll do it more often in the future.

There are some films that I’m disappointed never cropped up. I’d love to have written more about Studio Ghibli films as a lot of them are marvellous and a lot better than most of what the non-Pixar parts of Disney put out, making films in exotic, fantastical worlds filled with unique creatures, m0st of them focusing on strong female characters rather than settling into the tried prince and princess love story. There just wasn’t any opportunity to discuss them. I didn’t mention any Star Wars films despite being a big fan, simply because there were always films better or worse that fit the topics better. The topics also didn’t result in many foreign films (foreign meaning non-English as most of the films are American and technically foreign), despite me watching and enjoying films from all over. I guess that’s a reason to talk about these things more in general.

Something the project stopped me doing was the rest of the blogging I normally do. Most people who have taken part in this seem to have approached it more as 30 Movies in 30 Posts, posting an entry when they have time rather than forcing through it day after day, which is probably the more sensible approach. Having to sit down every day to type up thoughts on a specific topic (after thinking it over and working out what to discuss) meant I’ve been posting less about anything not connected to the project, including gaming (which usually dominates the blog). While the project was going on I only made eleven other posts, the most recent of which was two weeks ago:

With the 30 Movies project out of the way the content should get a little more diverse again. In addition to the Game of the Year 2010 post that went up yesterday I should have three Super Mario Galaxy 2 posts going up this week (the first in a couple of hours), a movie round-up post to cover everything I watched while the project was ongoing but didn’t have time to talk about, plans for a TV project that won’t put such demands on my time, and a TV finale next week that I’ll probably comment on like I did for Heroes, Lost and Damages.

Doing this was a lot of fun and I’m pleased that I got through it, but I don’t think I’ll jump into another daily project any time soon.

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