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Personal: Work and play

This is only going to be a short post, for reasons that should become clear.

I’ll kick off with an update about my new job (working night shifts of twelve hours for four days a week but with four days off in between). I thought it would be much more of a hard slog than it turned out to be, and as long as I kept busy the shifts didn’t feel any longer than a regular shift. My body is complaining a bit from all the extra effort I’m demanding from it but I’ll settle into that eventually. It’s not something I want to be doing forever but it’s something I can comfortably tolerate doing for now.

While I have a lot less free time on work days they haven’t felt entirely dominated by work and sleep. In the few hours between waking up and heading to work I watch an episode of TV (at the moment it’s been daily episodes of Dexter season four, which makes any day better) and have either been able to get up to date on my RSS feeds or at least whittle it down to the interesting posts in preparation for the next day, while also checking in with Twitter and the forums I’m a part of. I’ve not done any gaming in that time but in theory I could, just at the expense of the other activities (I’m not keen on short play sessions).

So now I would be off work until Monday, making this the time for proper gaming, blogging and watching more films and TV, but as it happens I’m going on holiday tomorrow and won’t be back home until next Friday. No consoles, no PC and not even any web access, so I’m going to be completely disconnected from things that would otherwise dominate my time. When I get back I’ll have a few days before I need to be in work again so hopefully I’ll actually find time for some gaming then, while also catching up on the major backlog of news and worthwhile reading that will steadily be filling up Google Reader (including a possible Gearbox-led resurrection of Duke Nukem Forever to be revealed at this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo, the game that seemingly can’t die any more than it can actually get released).

So goodbye internet, I’ll see you next week.

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