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Gaming: DC Chronicles Season One

About a year ago I posted the first five episodes of a Fallout 3 machinima called the DC Chronicles, following a man’s search for a water chip for his vault. It’s taken a while but the creator has finally completed all seven episodes of the first ‘season’, so I figured I’d group them all together in one post. The series has been featured in a bunch of magazines and websites since then and they’re worth a watch. Hopefully season two will progress a little more quickly.

The official website is here and the author’s YouTube profile is here.

Part 1 – Supermutant Ambush:

Part 2 – Ghouls Ambush:

Part 3 – Metro Tunnels:

Part 4 – Deathclaw Legend:

Part 5 – Megaton Recruitment

Part 6 -Vault Troubles

Part 7 – Dangers in the Sky

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