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TV: What I’m Watching

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This post is a round-up of every TV show I’m currently watching week to week, in alphabetical order and with no more than one paragraph per programme. I’ve split it into three posts and this is the third. General spoilers will probably follow for the season being discussed and anything preceding it:

Modern Family (Season 2)

I don’t really have much to say about this except that I’m still enjoying it, it’s a solidly entertaining comedy and I like all the characters.

Stargate Universe (Season 2)

While I abandoned the idea of doing episode recaps Stargate Universe remained a highlight of each week through its first season, which would still be true even if it wasn’t the only sci-fi of its type currently on television. With issues with Destiny’s supplies being mostly worked out and everybody somewhat adapting to life on board the show seems to be placing greater emphasis on characters. Rush is growing steadily more isolated as he learns more about the Destiny and keeps it to himself, Young is shouldering more and more burdens and trying not to buckle, Chloe is undergoing some uncertain transformations, Eli may have finally found somebody who is interested in him, Johansen lost her baby but is uncertain whether that meant death or transportation to another world, and all in all the characters are developing well. The show is still playing things quite dark and I’d have to say that I’m enjoying it more than any Star Trek I’ve ever watched.

Thorne – Scaredycat and Sleepyhead (Season 1)

Every so often UK channel Sky One has a try at producing original drama (including regular Discworld adaptations), and at the moment they’re running through adaptations of Mark Billingham’s Thorne novels, going straight from Thorne – Sleepyhead into Thorne – Scaredycat. I don’t generally have much interest in straight crime stories but I watched it because Aiden Gillan was on the cast and I make a point to watch anything starring a former cast member of The Wire (as with Luther and Identity earlier this year). It runs through a lot of the standard tropes for this sort of story but I liked Sleepyhead enough to continue watching Scaredycat.

V (Season 1)

I’d heard some mixed opinions about this series and had originally chosen to skip it, which seemed the right choice when its future was in doubt. With it being renewed for a second season and the UK’s Channel One channel recently starting to show it I decided to give it a try, and so far it doesn’t seem like a bad series. I’m only two episodes in so it’s too early to see where it’s going but there are enough interesting ideas in there that mean it could turn out to be something pretty good.

The Walking Dead (Season 1)

It seems like a fairly zombie-infested time at the moment for entertainment, with video games Dead Rising 2, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty: Black Ops all releasing recently and featuring the undead either in a main role or a supporting mode, and now The Walking Dead looking to be the big zombie TV show. Having not read the comic I don’t know how closely it’s following it, but so far it seems like it’s drawn on things like 28 Days Later with the main character waking up alone in a hospital, having been in a coma since before the zombies came (though the comic pre-dates Danny Boyle’s film by quite a few years). I’m only two episodes in but it’s been very good so far, setting up the nature of the zombies and exploring how humans have managed (or attempted) to survive, while also setting up some personal drama. Internet chatter seems to be building it up into a phenomenon, and while I don’t know if it’s going to be quite that good it’s still proving to be a decent zombie drama, the long form nature of a TV show giving it more time to explore things than zombie movies are usually able to.

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