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Web: Close, but not quite

One of the categories in my Second Coming series of posts for Mass Effect was for minigames, and for the heading image I made this:


6) Minigames

The picture in the top left is of Mass Effect‘s sole minigame, the QTE sequence that has you pressing the buttons that light up on screen. It was the only decent picture I could find but it wasn’t perfect because it’s not in English. Where it should say something like ‘hacking’ or ‘bypassing’ it says the Polish version instead, ‘przejmowanie’, and Ashley’s dialogue is also subtitled in Polish:


Not how I played the game.

(click here to see the image source over at Benchmark.pl)

It wasn’t much of a problem because it showed what was important and the image was ultimately shrunk down enough that it was difficult to even tell, but as Google Images let’s you search for similar images I thought it was worth a try:


Search for similar.

As far as I can tell the link only appears if it can find something similar, which seemed like a good sign.

Unfortunately Google Image Search doesn’t use some magical process to identify the subject of the image and find something similar. Instead it seems to base similarity on the colour palette, which on this picture is plenty of pink/pale red with a splash of deep blue. So instead of more shots of Mass Effect‘s QTE you get this:


What's the difference between Mass Effect's hacking minigame and US TV journalist Alycia Lane? Apparently not very much.

Miss Lane dominates the first ten pages of results and there’s not a Mass Effect screenshot in sight. I think it’s safe to say it’s not quite a perfect system yet.

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