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Gaming: Dead Rising 2 Tweet Dump


Normally while I’m playing a game I post some comments about it on Twitter, but to save having to dig back through my tweet* history I also dump them into a post draft on the blog in case there are any comments that I’ll expand upon in my ultimate opinion post. Once the post has been written and published those tweets are deleted from the draft and lost in Twitter, so this time I’m going to post them:

Just started Dead Rising 2. Green racer guy is kind of a jerk. I guess sensitivity is one of the first things to go in a zombie apocalypse.

In this case ‘kind of a jerk’ means he mocks Chuck for losing his wife to a zombie attack (the event which also saw his daughter bitten and needing medicine every twenty-four hours to avoid becoming a zombie herself). I’m not much of a sports fan so maybe this kind of trash talk is actually common. “Hey, didn’t your wife die when you crashed your car? Man, you must be a pretty crappy racer!”

Though I’ll never bother to earn it I’m still glad to see there’s an achievement for killing 53,596 zombies.

A bit of elaboration that didn’t fit into a 140 character message: In Dead Rising there was an achievement called Zombie Genocider for killing 53,594 zombies, which was the total population of the game’s fictional town, Willamette. When Left 4 Dead released a couple of years later Valve included an achievement called Zombie Genocidest for killing 53,595 zombies, a neat bit of one-upmanship. It was up to Capcom and Blue Castle Games to go one step further and I’m happy that they did that with the Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder achievement (Left 4 Dead 2 did come out in the meantime but didn’t have such an achievement, seeing as it would have been Valve beating themselves). I’ve not earned any of those achievements and don’t intend to, but I like that this little competition exists.

The one item I was looking to import from Case Zero was the cowboy hat but it didn’t come across. And now Chuck has lost his shoes.

Found Chuck some new shoes, crisis averted. They’re yellow sneakers so it’s only a stop-gap solution, but Katey needs some medicine soon.

I’m guessing that’s what it feels like to be a father, juggling stopping your daughter becoming a zombie with having to wear ugly shoes.

I didn’t mention this on Twitter but I did find the black cowboy hat in the game. Chuck is currently looking pretty dapper in a tuxedo topped off with a black cowboy hat, black shades and black dress shoes. I’m using this entire first playthrough just to find outfits, level up and get used to the layout, having already abandoned the main plot and only rescuing survivors if it’s convenient or if they have the Zombrex medicine (which is thankfully a separate goal from the main storyline).

So Slappy is Dead Rising 2’s version of the original’s Adam the clown, but with rapid-fire homing fireballs to give him that extra edge.

In the first game Adam was a psychopath (boss character) that you met far too early on, especially if it was your first playthrough. He had a mini chainsaw in each hand (the best weapon in the game, only available by defeating him), did lots of damage, had a range of annoying attacks, knocked you down if you went near him at the wrong time and was generally just very annoying to fight. Slappy has flamethrowers instead of chainsaws but is otherwise the same basic enemy (right down to being a childrens’ entertainer who is far too creepy), and has the ‘advantage’ of being able to shoot explosive fireballs at you if you’re far away or hiding somewhere out of his reach.

The fight wasn’t actually too difficult once I worked out a strategy, using a flying kick to knock him down and then smacking him with a nail bat, fleeing into the nearby wine store whenever I needed a health top-up. Too much alcohol makes Chuck throw up, however, so it meant that Chuck was hiding in a wine store, badly burned and vomiting while fireballs rained down around him. I like to imagine he was crying at the time, despairing at the events that led him to be in that situation, but the game offers little insight into Chuck’s emotional state at times like this. Maybe that will come with Dead Rising 3.

I appreciate that Dead Rising 2 includes some basic Poker instructions, but I still don’t understand the game. Blinds? Check? Nope.

Although checking seems to be where you say “check” and tap the table. I’m practically a pro now, I guess.

I was actually winning when I quit the poker, up by about $25,000, but it doesn’t seem like I got to keep the winnings. Have to play it all?

You definitely don’t get to keep your winnings if you back out early, which makes sense. However, there wasn’t any obvious indicator that it was going to end any other way (though as was pointed out on Twitter by @CicholasNage you have to actually defeat the opponents in a game of poker, not walk away when you feel like it) and frankly I wasn’t enjoying myself enough to continue.

“I’m not going to come with you unless you’re also in your underwear.” Okay then, miss, enjoy your zombie apocalypse!

Some survivors have special conditions you have to meet before they’ll follow you to the safe house. Both games have one who needs food (and has already cleared the area of any that are easy to find), others might need you to rescue somebody else first, but this particular lady required you to take off all your clothes as she was locked out of her apartment in her underwear and will only come with you if you’re similarly embarrassed. Unfortunately for her I’m doing a looting and exploration playthrough, not a heroic one, so I left her there.

“I saw what you did there.” Chuck made a funny! Or tried to, at least, in a sub-Schwarzenegger sort of way.

Every time you defeat a psychopath they generally kill themselves in a cutscene instead of Chuck finishing them off himself. This time the psychopath was climbing a ladder above a mechanical saw and fell on it. Chuck did try to quip, bless him, but it didn’t quite work. It’s the first notable sign of levity from him so far though, at least in a cutscene – when I control him he has lots of fun, putting dinosaur heads on zombies, riding tricycles and so forth, but in cutscenes he’s usually a lot more serious – but seeing as that one lousy pun was the first one he’s managed in about two and a half game days I don’t think he’s going to get the hang of it before the game’s over.

*I tend to go back and forth on the use of terms like ‘tweet’ but at the moment I’m of the opinion that as Twitter considers it the official term for posting message on the site and the word is so heavily built into the system it would be sillier to hold out and keep calling them ‘posts’ or ‘messages’, like referring to podcasts as ‘streaming MP3s’. Tweet Tweet!

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