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Gaming: Project Pile of Shame – Day Eight

The project: To spend two hours playing every console game from this generation that I own but have never touched (the ‘pile of shame’), to see if any of them are worth spending more time with. The eighth game is:


Eurogamer's review (click the image for a link) used the tag line "Macho man, randy savage" for their review of the game. That's excellent.

System: Xbox 360

Reason I’ve never played it: Another of my brother’s purchases.

Achievements earned: Eight (80 gamerscore)

Thoughts: After playing through the first proper level of Conan two things became very clear. The first was that pirates are very impressed by their ability to count, with man after man eager to shout out “there’s only one of him” upon seeing Conan approaching, to the point that I started to wish I’d brought more people with me just so they could try out some higher numbers and maybe not be so repetitive in their shouting.

The second thing is just how much Conan wants to be Kratos, or at least how much developer Nihilistic Software wanted the game to be like God of War. The control layout, the fixed camera, the upgrade system, the button-mashing to interact with doors and objects, occasional quicktime events in boss fights and more are all heavily inspired by God of War. I found the combat to be tougher and less forgiving of button-mashing than in Kratos’ adventures thanks to the heavy amount of blocking and enemies who ignore your hits, so there was less of a sense that Conan was as unstoppable a force.

In the two full levels I played most of the enemies were just standard sword fodder so the conflict felt less epic and exciting, which about sums up what I played of Conan: it’s a serviceable God of War clone that doesn’t do anything particularly bad but also doesn’t noticeably excel. It’s a style of game that suits the Conan character as some of his stories could be boiled down to him going to new places and killing folk, and Ron Perlman does a decent enough job of voicing him, but I don’t think that’s going to lure me back.

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