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Reading: Quick Link – I Can’t Draw Feet

Playing around with something new, Quick Link. It really will just be a link to something and a quick comment, which on something like Tumblr would be a basic reblog of something I wanted to share rather than make a big post about.

Click the image for a link to the whole thing.

As somebody who is currently learning Polish this comic amused me more than it should. I’m sure English could be just as awkward with its silent letters and other silliness, but at times Polish does read like somebody somewhere decided they really wanted to make use of all the less-used letters (“let’s stick z in every other word!”) and more exotic accented letters. I’m sure nobody could really pronounce a word like przeciwsłoneczne.

As somebody who ihttp://icantdrawfeet.com/2011/04/05/vowels/
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