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Quick Link: Another Chance

Annoyingly the video isn’t watchable embedded, because apparently the last thing a record label wants is for their music to be easily listened to and which would encourage purchases.

Upon hearing this song again last year I vaguely recalled liking the video, with a woman walking through the city with what I remembered as angel wings. That wasn’t quite right as there are no wings, so I was either mixing it up with a different video or just misremembering. This is definitely the video I was thinking of though.

Somehow when I rewatched it I managed to miss the ending and thought of it as having an unambiguously happy conclusion, the woman finding somebody who could love her despite her ‘problem’. It was only when I watched it a couple of weeks ago that I saw the full ending and discovered that ultimately he’s scared off by the size of her heart, though the sadness of the story is tempered a little by her renewed optimism (her heart doesn’t shrink again because she knows that there can be another encounter like that, that there will be “another chance”).

I really do like the video.

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