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Gaming: Minecraft – Destroyed by Creation

I decided early on not to kill any pigs (because pigs are great!), and so far have stuck to it. One did die from being too close to an exploding creeper, a great tragedy that reinforces how horrible creepers are.

So I had a schedule of sorts to keep my gaming time varied. It was pretty simple and easy to stick to. Out of the four days off I have each ‘week’ (of eight days) two would be spent with the current new game I’m working on (currently Enslaved: Odyssey to the West), another one to one of the games I play essentially indefinitely (Fallout 3, The Sims 3), and the final one to the lengthy endeavour of completing Dragon Age: Origins and all its extra content. It was a setup that worked for all my current gaming goals: play new games, don’t abandon ones I always like to play, and don’t let any one game dominate my time.

But then, on the sixth of April (the start of my first full session of non-work days that month) my nephew asked me, “Have you heard of a game called Minecraft?”

He had learned of the game’s existence thanks to watching a Let’s Play (a video series where one or more people record their progress through a game and comment on it) of Super Meat Boy on PC, which he owns but has become too frustrated with to continue. One of the special characters in the PC version is the Minecraft player character and has the ability to create or destroy any ‘block’ section of the level. It got my nephew interested in the game.

Being the cool gaming uncle that I am I told him that not only had I heard of it, I’d actually bought it months ago and it was pretty much ready to be played. I’m not one to overlook an opportunity for a shared gaming experience so I decided to play a bit of the game at the same time and, well, I’m still playing it. No Enslaved, no Fallout 3, no Sims 3, no Dragon Age, only Minecraft.

That should tell you something about my opinion of the game, and in several ways I’d say Minecraft is exactly what games should be. To make up for the lack of content this current obsession has brought about I’m going to spin a few posts out of this, so stay tuned.

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