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Film: Kick-Ass the Grab-Ass

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I watched Kick-Ass today. This post isn’t going to offer an opinion on the film, just one bit that didn’t sit right with me. In the film Dave, the nerd who becomes Kick-Ass, has a crush on this girl, Katie, who doesn’t ever speak to him or really acknowledge his existence. We’ve all been there.

Dave’s first attempt at being a superhero does not go well:

His heart was in the right place though, and was one of his few internal organs that remained so.

He gets the medic to discard his costume so nobody knows what a fool he was, so all everybody hears is that he was found naked in the street, having been beaten and stabbed. Everybody at his school assumes he’s gay, which gets Katie to talk to him. She’s always wanted a gay friend, see, a man she can go to for fashion advice, have pedicures with and talk about boys, so he plays along with it as it’s a chance to spend time with her. Then she gets him to do this:

As you do.

Katie strips down to her panties and has him apply self-tan all over her body. She thinks nothing of it because she knows he’s gay and it’s a wholly non-erotic process for him. But we know that’s not true, and he tells us at the beginning of the film that it doesn’t take much stimulation to get him to start pleasuring himself:

I swear, when my hormones balance out shares in Kleenex are gonna take a dive man.

So he’s taking advantage her for sexual gratification, which isn’t cool. Now I was a teenage boy once so I understand how Dave thinks here and if I’d found myself in the same ridiculous situation at that age I would absolutely have gone along with it. One would assume though that when the truth eventually emerged things would go badly, that there would be some sort of comeuppance, but the closest the film gets is this:

Who knew sneaking into a teen girl's bedroom in a weird disguise could go so wrong?

Dave sneaks into her room to surprise her with the revelation of his true identity, but he really does surprise her and gets hairspray in his face. He reveals the truth both about being Kick-Ass and not being gay. He apologises, she doesn’t say anything, he goes to leave but she calls him back… to tell him not to go out the front door because it will set off the burglar alarm. He goes to leave out the window but she calls him back for real this time and they have sex.

From then on they’re happy and dating. There are no repercussions at all for the way he lied to her and fondled her, and it just feels off. Thankfully the bad guys never capture her and make her a major weakness of his, she just remains part of his non-superhero life, but I think it would have been better if she’d refused to speak to him ever again and that him telling all these lies would have had consequences in his real life, not just his Kick-Ass one.

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