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Quick Link: Saints Row 3

I read yet another rumour recently about Grand Theft Auto 5 being officially revealed soon, but then I watched this video and wondered why anybody would care:

With the direction Rockstar have been heading these days GTA5 will likely be another serious, linearly structured story that apes cinema without ever being able to reach the same quality of story, playing a lackey working for the real criminals, with rigidly designed missions full of scripted events and poor checkpoints, the world lovingly constructed but lacking most of the fun activities that defined the series in years gone by. Or you can play Saints Row 3, with full character customisation, co-op, a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously and puts you in the role of the boss, the game itself full of ridiculous weapons, vehicles and activities.

I know I’ll only be playing one of those games and it’s not going to be Rockstar’s effort.

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