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Television: June 2011’s TV

Almost a month late, we have the June round-up posts. This month started with games and now it’s time for a look at the month’s television:

Nobody seems to want to look forward this month.

Image sources: Holtz, Brennan, Daenerys, John and Dale

General spoilers follow

Angel (DVD) - season three, nine episodes (11-19)

This batch of episodes contains the entirety of the baby Connor arc, from Angel bringing him home to accepting he’s lost him forever, only to have teen Connor suddenly arrive. Children are a tricky subject in a serialised drama, most of which don’t even last ten years. Introducing a baby several years into the series means the character will likely remain a baby for its entirety, functioning more as a prop for other characters than a character in their own right.

Of course, most shows can’t rely on magic to get around the problem. Angel quickly runs through the main tropes – over-reaching in an attempt to prepare for Connor’s future, worrying about the dangers he faces, both externally and from his supernatural parent, worrying about his health and what problems he could have inherited from his parents – before having him abducted and seemingly gone forever, until he re-emerges in the nineteenth episode, aged sixteen.

This set of episodes also includes Wesley’s darkest point, becoming convinced that Angel will kill Connor and deciding that his only option is to take the child and never return, leaving his life and his friends behind to save both Connor and Angel. I’d forgotten just how severely Angel reacts to this betrayal, actually trying to kill Wesley for it. It marks the final stage of Wesley’s transformation from bumbling nincompoop to the much better character I remember him being, darker and cynical.

Verdict: Good

Bones (TV, Sky Living) - Season six, two episodes (22-23)

After six seasons of its ‘will they, won’t they?’ almost-romance between Brennan and Booth, the writers finally brought them together after the tragic events of the twenty-second episode (which sadly had mostly been spoiled for me, with websites and even the episode description revealing somebody was going to die). Oddly, it happened mostly off-screen and even afterwards was only suggested rather than stated, right up to the final minutes of the finale, which set up a major event that will be a dominant theme for next season.

Verdict: Good

Game of Thrones (TV, Sky Atlantic) - season one, four episodes (7-10)

Everything kind of paled in comparison to Game of Thrones this month, which included the first season’s finale (the short length is the one major disappointment). It’s a fantastic adaptation of an excellent book, as well as being one of the best things on television this year and the best thing to happen to fantasy television in a long time (and I would love for this to lead to more adaptations of a similar quality). All the cast did a brilliant job but Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke and Maisie Williams were particular favourites.

Just about the only negative comment I have wasn’t directly connected to the show itself. As I’ve mentioned before I convinced my mother and sister to give Game of Thrones a try and they both loved it. They’re both heavily active on Facebook (which I don’t use myself) and my mother ‘liked’ the Game of Thrones account, and just a day after an episode broadcast in the US that account started talking about a major event, spoiling it for anybody who had yet to watch it (including anybody in the UK, which broadcast episodes the day after the US). It was perhaps the most dramatic event in the entire book so I dislike that they had that surprise ruined for them.

Verdict: Good

Luther (online, BBC iPlayer) - season two, three episodes

Luther was a real surprise last year. The first ever episode didn’t hook me despite some interesting developments and I almost didn’t stick with it, but some strong praise on Twitter led to me watching the rest of the short first season and I really did enjoy it. The second season is shorter even that the first, just four episodes long (each case covering two episodes each), but the quality has more than made up for it so far.

Verdict: Good

Twin Peaks (DVD) - season two, nine episodes

Twin Peaks is still great. The second season followed on well from the first’s finale and didn’t relent with the surprises. The most notable is that we found out who killed Laura Palmer, the mystery that kicked off the series, in a scene that was unexpected and shocking, and even then the surprises kept coming. It’s a little disappointing that there are only thirteen more episodes after this and that the series was ultimately cancelled.

Verdict: Good

The rest:

  • Doctor Who – season six, two episodes (6-7) Verdict: Good
  • Lie to Me – season three, four episodes (5-8) Verdict: Good
  • Raising Hope – season one, four episodes (20-23) Verdict: Good


June Verdict

Quality – Everything earned a ‘good’ verdict again this month, so it’s another victory for quality.

Quantity – If anything quantity was a little low this month, as I didn’t watch as much each day as I have done in the past. Considering how much I’ve watched in previous months I don’t consider that a bad thing.

Goals – The continued absence of Misfits, Being Human, Castle and Brothers & Sisters means there’s going to be plenty of red text again:

  1. ‘make the effort to catch up with Misfits‘ – Failed
  2. ‘figure out what to do about Being Human‘ – Failed
  3. ‘there are still more Castle episodes to catch up on’ – Failed
  4. I want to continue watching less television’ – Achieved
  5. ‘I need to catch up on the lapsed Brothers & Sisters episodes before too many build up’ – Failed
  6. ‘With both Angel and Twin Peaks waiting to be watched I think I’ll alternate series every time I finish a disc’ – Achieved

In fact everything is pretty much as it was last month. Every goal except number four will roll on into next month, though as I don’t expect I’ll meet any of the catch-up ones I don’t know if they can count as goals. Still, the only goal I’m officially dropping is the one to watch less television, as I think I’ve got it down to an acceptable level now.

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