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Film: June 2011’s Films

Almost a month late, we have the June round-up posts. Having covered games, television and books, next up is the month’s film viewing:

It almost seemed silly to make a portrait image with just one person in it.

Image source: Vivian

After last month’s decent innings we’re back to another poor showing, just a single film. There’s no real reason for it, save that I didn’t feel like watching a film so didn’t make the effort. What was the one exception then? Read on:

June 11th - In Search of a Midnight Kiss

After watching something on TV I was about to turn it off as a film started on BBC1. It had a man, Wilson, on the verge of turning thirty, alone and unhappy, all ready to spend a lonely New Year’s Eve shut away from the world, until he’s encouraged to do something about it (placing a personals ad on Craigslist). It quickly leads him to Vivian and they spend New Year’s Eve together, getting to know one another.

I place no importance on New Year’s myself and don’t celebrate it, but the general scenario appealed to me and I ended up watching the whole thing. It’s a good film, and though Vivian starts off almost excessively quirky (for a while she reminded me of Natalie Portman’s character in Garden State) its a façade she soon drops as her and Wilson get closer. Ultimately there’s no sense of it being a destined romance or other clichés from love stories, and I enjoyed it.


June Verdict

Quality – The only film I watched was one I enjoyed, so I guess that’s a win for quality.

Quantity – Out of sixteen days in June when I could have comfortably watched a film, I ended up watching just one. That’s not great.

Timeliness – The one film I watched was a 2008 release. Not the most timely of viewings, but not terrible.

Newness – I’d not seen the film before.

Goals – My goals for June were:

  1. ” I’d like to watch a similar amount of films [to May’s eleven] as I have a similar amount of days off” – Failed
  2. “watching some newer releases” – Failed
  3. “only watching things I’ve not seen before” – Achieved
  4. “see any film at the cinema” – Failed

Not great then. I only achieved the goal I did because I only watched one film. All four goals will roll over into July, and I may actually achieved the fourth for once because July is when the final Harry Potter film releases, and seeing them at the cinema is always a family event that requires minimal effort on my part to attend. If so then it will mean it only took me seven months to achieve that fairly simple goal.

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