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Personal: Polish in Strange Places

I’ve mentioned before that I’m learning Polish, the place I work at having a significantly greater proportion of Polish employees than it does English. Presumably it’s because I’ve mentioned Polish before that a spam bot recently tried to dump some links onto the blog, even if neither of the posts it commented on (Lady Vengeance and June 2011’s films) mentioned Polish at all. Because of my basic Polish education it meant I was able to identify some words in the links:

I blurred out the full links because they're spam, but displaying them in an image doesn't actually help them in any way.

I recognised each of those words as colours. Niebieski is blue, bialy white (technically it’s biały), zielony green and fioletowy is purple. I didn’t know kremowy, which is cream, so I’ve actually learned a new word from these spam links.

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