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Film: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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Had I been gifted the ability to jump back in time as a teenager I don’t think things would have gone very well. The only thing that would have prevented me accidentally destroying the world would have been that I was spending all my time fixing what I perceived to be the wrongs in my life, all the little things that seemed important back then.

That’s mostly what Makoto uses her newfound ability for, literally leaping back in time to fix a bad day, claim a pudding that her sister beat her to, or setting up her friend with a girl who likes him. At one point she restarts a karaoke session over and over to stretch out the fun she’s having. That’s mostly how the film plays out, it’s about Makoto’s life and just happens to be altered by her time travel, rather than the time travel technique itself being the focus.

Makoto herself is a lovely character, sweet and rather naive as she ‘wastes’ her ability having fun and trying to maintain the status quo in her friendships with her two main friends, Kōsuke and Chiaki, as events try to shake things up. The relationship and possible romances between these three are the core of the story, the only other main character being Makoto’s aunt, who first recognises the time leaps and serves as a sounding board for thoughts Makoto can’t share with her friends.

In the UK the film has a 12 rating due to ‘infrequent moderate sex references’, essentially two brief quips about ‘jerking off’. Beyond that there’s nothing specifically adult about it that would keep younger viewers from enjoying it. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an excellent film.

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