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Gaming: Spotlight on Biscuit – Space Marine

It's less 'Gears of Warhammer' than screenshots suggest.

Spotlight on Biscuit was an occasional feature on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and you can see them all by clicking here. In it Quintin Smith (who has since left the site, which is why the feature stopped) picked out a video from the Cynical Brit team, one of Total Biscuit’s ‘WTF is…’ videos, and shared it with the RPS community. Being RPS they also gave an opinion on an actual biscuit, which is part of why RPS is the best gaming site on the web.

I was watching the ‘WTF is Space Marine?’ video earlier and decided to link it here, but then a thought occurred to me: Why not shamelessly copy the RPS approach? So here’s my best Rock, Paper, Shotgun impression (alternatively, you can click the image above to be taken straight to RPS’s opinion of the demo):

In this Spotlight on Biscuit you can see what Total Biscuit makes of Space Marine, Relic’s attempt to help the original bulky space marines gain greater prominence among a crowd who are more likely to mistake them for a rip-off of Starcraft‘s marines or, heaven forbid, the COGs from Gears of War. We all know better than that here and we should feel sorry for those poor people who missed out on those carefree days of carting one’s army to a friend’s or an official gathering, arguing over dice rolls and the like.

Space Marine has you playing an Ultramarine in the solo campaign but an exhaustive reading of the Wikipedia page (and subsequent viewing of this YouTube video) exclusively revealed to me that you can customise your space marine (or chaos space marine) to match that totally rad chapter you made up and which was definitely more interesting than the official ones.

Our biscuit this time is the humble chocolate digestive, which in my heart will always be known as a Homewheat:

It's not easy to get them standing up like that.

For those who find an actual digestive too dry and a full chocolate biscuit too stimulating, the chocolate digestive stands tall as the perfect hybrid. It’s an ideal complement to my tea drinking and I get through several every day. The name may have been dumbed-down to accommodate the more casual biscuit eater but it’s still the same chocolatey, digestivey goodness at heart.

Onto Mr. Biscuit then. I’m not quite sure but I think he might like the game. I can tell these things from little cues, such as when he says things like:

“I didn’t even know this aspect ratio existed!”

“Oh my god this feels good.”

“This is the game I’ve been wanting forever!”

“This is the most powerful I have ever felt in a video game. Screw God of War.”

If you read between the lines you can pick up a teensy bit of enthusiasm from him there. See if you can spot any others in the video:

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