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Gaming: Oh, how far we’ve come

One of these games is clearly more advanced than the other:




One of them has:

  • Open level design that rewards exploration with secrets and extra items.
  • Full use of the colour palette.
  • Action driven by the player, not scripted set-pieces.
  • Large numbers of enemies on screen that you fight by charging into the middle of them.
  • A varied arsenal of iconic weapons (which you can carry all of at once).
  • Creative enemy design.

Looking back now, it’s a little shocking now to think FPS games were ever as basic as they are in that second video. Can you imagine a time when developers ever thought it was a good idea to have large chunks of a level in a shooter where you’re not allowed to fire and have to wander around following NPCs talking at you, where you’re relegated to little more than the role of a bit-player? We’ve come a long way.

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