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Gaming: The Daily Creed 01 – “Oh, that’s right.”

The Daily Creed is a series of (mostly) bitesize posts about my ongoing playthrough of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, sequel to what is still currently my fourth favourite game of 2009.

"You remember me, right?"

“I am Desmond Miles. This is my story.”

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood opens with a recap of the story by Desmond Miles, including the quoted line above. It almost feels like a reminder of Demond’s existence in general. “Remember this guy? It’s actually his story, not Altair’s or Ezio’s, despite them getting all the marketing and majority of play time (and the only good bits of the game).”

As a framing device the Animus idea is a good one, able to connect characters across any time period so that Ubisoft don’t get bogged down in any one setting. Of course they’ve gone and spoiled that somewhat by continuing with Ezio’s story in this game (though you can hardly blame for for sticking with the one likeable playable character they’ve created so far) and going back to both him and Altair in this year’s Assassin’s Creed Revelations, but hopefully the next game will be an actual Assassin’s Creed 3 with a new main character and time period for us to play around with, as without that Desmond is mostly irrelevant to Ezio’s story and didn’t need to exist, which isn’t a good thing for somebody so universally uninteresting.

Not long after I started playing Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood I watched this video, where the Spoiler Warning team (who it seems I’ve not linked to before) began Assassin’s Creed 2. In this opening video they cover pretty much everything wrong with the bland hole that is Desmond Miles:

Even the modern-day version of the battle between the Templars and Assassins is mostly fairly dull conspiracy stuff, the Templars presented as one of those ridiculously wealthy and powerful organisations looking to find something to make them… wealthier and more powerful or something. It’s not very interesting and it’s a little worrying to think that at some point the series is going to have to end with a conclusion to that story rather than concluding with whichever assassin is starring in that particular game. It might even be a game starring just Desmond, a fairly unpleasant thought.

Still, kicking Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood off with somebody as dull as Desmond means things can only get better from then on. It’s all uphill from here, right?

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