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Gaming: Hitman: Arkham Conviction

This footage for Hitman: Absolution is odd. I mean, it’s really looking rather good (brilliant, in fact), but it’s clearly working from the Batman/Conviction template of directed, linear, heavily scripted stealthy takedowns. That’s not really anything to do with Hitman.


Heck, 47 killed more non-targets in those seventeen minutes than I did in the whole of Blood Money (which actually might have been zero on my best playthrough). IO have said you can play it like a Hitman game but it’s hard to see that being possible here, as all the dialogue and scripting seems tailored for the way they approach it. Maybe it’s just the introduction though, or the tutorial for the new mechanics.

I don’t mean to sound negative as from that it’s already better than the entirety of Splinter Cell: Conviction and stealthwise it looks deeper than Batman: Arkham Asylum, which is a damned impressive achievement. It’s just not playing much like a Hitman game yet.

At 16:17 there’s a wonderful bit of IO just showing off, which they’ve absolutely a right to do. They already achieved crowd effects similar to that in Hitman: Blood Money (an Xbox/PS2 game) and nobody has replicated it, including games that desperately needed it, so the more fuss they make of it the better.


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