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Film – Quick Thoughts: 5 Centimeters Per Second

Sucker Punch
5 Centimeters Per Second, directed by Makoto Shinkai
Written by: Steven Foster, Makoto Shinkai and Alex Von David
Starring: Kenji Mizuhashi, Yoshimi Kondou and Satomi Hanamura
My rating: 3 of 5

The film consists of three separate short stories, connected through Takaki, the boy-turned man each tale is focused around. It starts with him in school, where he’s quiet, likes his books and is generally a bit of a loner. Then this girl, Akari, comes into his life and they click but she moves far away and they only meet once more, when he takes a long, difficult train journey just to see her. The next story has him in college and is told from the perspective of Kanae, the woman who has fallen for him, but who he can’t see because he’s still focused on his teen sweetheart. The third story takes place years later when Takaki realises he has no idea what he is doing, has no goals and doesn’t really care. Everywhere he goes he sees Akari but it’s never really her.

I enjoyed each story, the second probably being my favourite because Kanae was so sweet, and it’s possible I relate more to the unrequited love in that tale than the missed opportunity that defines the other two. The second also takes place around the Tanegashima Space Center, features a rocket launching and thoughts about space travel, so the trains and city life of the other two can’t really compete.  Taken together the three stories are a tale of lost love and trying to move on, and the overall story is sad but sweet.

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