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Film – Quick Thoughts: The Ring

The Ring
The Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski
Written by: Ehren Kruger
Starring: Naomi Watts & Martin Henderson
My rating: 5 of 5

I’m not generally keen on the US idea of localised remakes. It’s hard to think of them being made for any reasons other than:

1) A lot of the hard creative work (story, structure, concepts, themes) has already been done, so it’s a lot easier than coming up with something original.

2) English audiences are thought of as either xenophobic (“I’m not watching some foreign junk”), stupid or short of attention span (“Reading? In a film?”).

Usually I find the remake doesn’t compare well to the original or doesn’t really do anything to justify its existence (The Grudge is one example, at a lot of times practically being a shot-for-shot remake and at others using unconvincing CGI effects in place of the original’s better, more practical effects), but The Ring really works and I’ve seen it lots of times. It probably helps that the crew is talented, directed by Gore Verbinski, starring Naomi Watts (this is one of the films I was thinking of when I said I was fan back in this post) and actors like Brian Cox in supporting roles.

It’s also a horror film that doesn’t show you everything right away. There are plenty of creepy things throughout the film, but not in the sense of a monster/villain picking people off, just relatively mundane things that are slightly off somehow, like the fly on the screen or the whole horse scene. It’s all building up to the revelation of what exactly happens after seven days and why any of it is happening in the first place. It’s as much a mystery as a horror. It’s really great.

The film also includes one of my favourite lines, “All I ever wanted was you.” The pain in Anna’s voice and the depth of meaning in that sentence just gets me every time.

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