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Film – Quick Thoughts: Cashback (Short)

Cashback, directed by Sean Ellis
Written by: Sean Ellis
Starring: Sean Biggerstaff & Emilia Fox
My rating: 3 of 5

I’m currently on one of the most basic LoveFilm packages (it’s the one it sticks you on after the free trial), where they send you three discs a month and let you have two hours of streaming. Dr. Strangelove used up an hour and thirty minutes this month, so I was looking for shorts to use up the last half an hour and came across this.

Cashback is seventeen minutes long (though it’s since been made into a full-length film), about a team of night shift workers in a supermarket and how they cope with the odd hours, the main character being called Ben, and as somebody who is also named Ben and is still doing night shift work the idea appealed to me. Ben’s approach is different to mine though, imagining he can freeze time, strip the women naked and then sketch them. Obviously it’s only in his imagination but the film still presents it as something wholly sweet and deep instead of perverted or what would be a major violation if it were real.

There’s a flashback that shows how the fascination began, a beautiful Swedish student (played by model Hayley-Marie Coppin) who lived with him as a boy and had no sense of modesty at all, walking around completely naked (and the film shows everything). All the female customers in the supermarket are incredibly beautiful, especially considering we’re talking about a Sainsbury’s night shift, so despite Ben being fascinated by the female form it’s possible his fascination only extends to attractive women. I don’t think the short is as deep and meaningful as it seemingly wants to be, but it was interesting.

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