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Film – Quick Thoughts: The Machine Girl

The Machine Girl
The Machine Girl, directed by Noboru Iguchi
Written by: Noboru Iguchi
Starring: Minase Yashiro, Asami and Kentarô Shimazu
My rating: 3 of 5

When her brother is killed by the son of an important member of the Yakuza, Ami sets about killing everybody involved to avenge her brother, and is soon joined by a woman who lost her son in the same attack. When Ami’s arm is cut off she has a machine gun fitted on the end of the stump.

The Machine Girl is a violent Japanese revenge movie, but as the above synopsis indicates it doesn’t take itself wholly seriously. The violence is ridiculously over-the-top, blood spurting out of wounds in massive pumps, the gore being graphic but silly enough not to be offensive. It’s the kind of movie where everybody in the whole town seems to have martial arts skills, but it’s a lot of fun for that. It knows what it wants to be and just runs with it.


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