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Film – Quick Thoughts: Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone
Gone Baby Gone, directed by Ben Affleck
Written by: Ben Affleck & Aaron Stockard
Starring: Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris
My rating: 4 of 5

I’ve seen this before but wanted to watch it again because I really did enjoy it. A little girl goes missing and a private detective is hired to help investigate, because he grew up in the area and can talk to people who won’t talk to the police. Once he starts investigating though it becomes clear that things are even more complicated than they seem.

Every major character is either already broken and jaded when the film starts off or they end up that way by the time the story concludes, being exposed to elements of society or having to do unpleasant things or make hard choices. There are some interesting questions in the film about right and wrong, the law being clear on what you’re supposed to do but most other aspects of the situation suggesting something else. It’s a very good film with some excellent performances, though quite a sad one.

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