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Film – Quick Thoughts: Wilderness Survival For Girls

Sucker Punch
Wilderness Survival For Girls, directed by Eli B. Despres & Kim Roberts
Written by: Kim Roberts & Eli B. Despres
Starring: Jeanette Brox, Megan Henning, Ali Humiston & James Morrison
My rating: 3 of 5

Three teen girls celebrate finishing high school by spending a night in a cabin in the woods, enjoying their independence, experimenting and having fun. Late in the night a strange man walks in and they panic, tying him up and keeping him prisoner. He says he’s been living in the empty cabin and is happy to just take his stuff and leave, but they feel that they can’t let him go because he could be dangerous. They can’t keep him prisoner forever though and they are far away from help or a phone, so they don’t know what to do.

It’s an interesting dilemma because the man isn’t obviously dangerous, played well by James Morrison (who I know as Bill Buchanan in 24), but there’s just enough that’s off about him that they can’t be sure. If they let him go and he really is dangerous then they would be in lots of trouble with no chance of help coming, but what else can they do? The girls manage to make more problems for themselves out of their own dramas, seeing as they are still teenagers enjoying their first real taste of freedom, and I couldn’t be sure how the story was ultimately going to play out. I enjoyed it.

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