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Gaming: World of Warcraft: 11) Humans

Elwynn Forest

Excitement not pictured. Or found.

Taking bottom place is the human setting. Prior to Cataclysm it was fairly dull, and the sundering of Azeroth hasn’t shaken a great deal of interesting content into the area. The overall structure has you going from village to village, assisting the local guard captain to do his job. You kill bandits or animals, retrieve items and are generally the errand boy. The only real variation has you caught up in the petty drama between rival families of farmers. Even at its most dramatic, farmer drama is just not very interesting.

Overall it just feels small. You’re an errand boy doing basic tasks for low-level grunts, like the opening couple of quests in a regular RPG but spread across multiple villages and zones, stretching through far too many hours. There was one relative high point that has likely come in since Cataclysm, having you control one of the pumpkin robot things to charge through crowds of defective ones, but other than that it’s hard to see what major changes have come in and it’s still not a lot of fun. You’re human, almost everybody who lives there is human, a great deal of the enemies are human, the quests are very small in scale and it’s all so bland and uninteresting.

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