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Gaming: World of Warcraft: 10) Night Elves

Teldrassil Forest

The night elves must get so sick of the colour purple.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m practically racist against elves:

I might be racist against elves. I don’t what it is about them, but as they’re presented in the works of Tolkien and everybody who has been influenced by him (ie. most fantasy authors) I’ve never liked them. Immortal, aloof, usually quick to bandy about condescending phrases like ‘lesser races’, while also considered wise and fair and generally the best people in the world. Something about all that just rubs me the wrong way and I’ve always had an affinity for dwarves, who are generally the coarse, violent brawlers who usually also happen to be racist against elves (the same applies to orcs, who I also have a lot of fondness for but who often aren’t playable characters in RPGs).

The night elves aren’t your standard elves, not least because they’re purple and have ridiculous ears and eyebrows, but they’re still not a race I find easy to like. They’re not currently immortal but that’s a very recent development (something you bring about in the Warcraft 3 story), and they still fit into the ‘wood elf’ bracket. They’re in tune with nature, live in amongst the trees, are good friends with the wildlife, and a lot of their talk is of maintaining balance and harmony with nature. They consider themselves the world’s guardians, communicate with the dragon aspects, and so forth.

Little of that actually translates into how their opening zone plays though. You still kill animals, it’s just that they’re corrupted. You still kill tribes of furbolgs, only they’ve been corrupted. It’s all the same as it is for most of the other original races, moving from camp to camp to help the locals and bringing death to hundreds of beings or creatures, the elves are just more apologetic about it all in the quest text.

I’m not a big fan of the nature setting but it’s not bad here. Some of the quests reflect upon the current situation the night elves find themselves in, and while there’s not a great deal that seems specific to the Cataclysm event itself there have definitely been big, interesting story developments for them.

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