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Gaming: World of Warcraft: 9) Blood Elf

Eversong Woods

The orange is a bit too omnipresent to make the place truly autumnal, but I do like it.

The blood elves first appeared in the Warcraft 3 expansion pack, The Frozen Throne. Shocked at the devastation Arthas and the Scourge had inflicted upon their homeland, the remnants of the high elves, led by prince Kael’thas, called themselves blood elves and adopted red uniforms to represent the blood their people had shed. They ultimately fell in with Illidan, renegade night elf and sworn enemy of Arthas, taking refuge in Outland with his faction of draenei and naga.

The World of Warcraft blood elves, introduced as a playable faction in the first expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, aren’t directly part of that. The group you play as still live in the ruins of the high elf kingdom, where they are attempting to control their addiction to magic and rebuild their shattered society. There was already enough of a narrative to it that the changes brought about by the cataclysm seem minimal (they were introduced at the same time as the flying mounts so I imagine it was even designed with them in mind, meaning it required few changes to the geography), and I don’t even recall any references to it in quest dialogue.

I only played them briefly when I originally played the game but I think I recall references being made to them joining up with Kael’thas, references which aren’t there now, so I think they might have been removed due to the timeline having advanced beyond the events of The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, Illidan (and therefore Kael’thas) having been denounced and defeated. Perhaps I’m simply misremembering.

By and large though people in the area were still acting as if their efforts to rebuild were a recent thing, and the quests reflected that. Quests involved retrieving personal effects that had been left in hastily-abandoned settlements, killing corrupted creatures for the magic essence contained within (essentially the opposite of the night elf reasoning, who wanted corrupted creatures killed because they were dangerous), and investigating different locations. Other than the general theme of rebuilding there wasn’t much of a story to carry you from place to place, you just had to do errands until you were a high-enough level that you would be sent onto the next area.

I can’t help thinking that Blizzard haven’t made the most of the setting. Despite the undead-infested scar of dead land that runs all the way through the zones (and even the capital city) there isn’t as much of a feeling of devastation as there should be, or a sense that the area is in the middle of a massive effort to rebuild and recover. I didn’t quite finish off the area though as I hit level thirteen, my current stopping point, so there could be big developments towards the end that improve upon it. At the moment it mostly just has the same feel as any other pre-Cataclysm starting area and it wasn’t particularly interesting.

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