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Gaming: World of Warcraft: 7) Dwarf/Gnome

Dun Morogh

This is part of the gnome area. You can tell from all the toxic pollution.

As with the orcs and trolls, the dwarves and gnomes used to share the exact same opening sequence, the latter race being a late addition to the game. Also just like the trolls, the Cataclysm expansion added a unique starting sequence for the gnomes that covers the first six levels. After that it merges with the dwarf one again, so I’ll talk about each section individually:

The dwarf bit

This section has definitely been changed with the latest expansion, but as with the orc one it’s all quite superficial for the most part. The camps all seem to be in the same places, the enemies are the same and the quests follow the same lines. The cataclysm has served to shake everything up, the troggs and trolls now pushing forward a little more aggressively (and the base camp is under constant attack from troggs) and the new route out of the area is a lot more interesting than the cave you walked through in the original (which goes through what is now the gnome starting zone). It’s still mostly just as it was, but tweaked, like the orc one.

The gnome bit

The trolls and gnomes had similar stories to explain why they were dumped in the starting area of another race, both having been driven out of their homes by enemies. Where the troll sequence has them already having reclaimed their home island, the gnomish campaign to reclaim their home city of Gnomeregan is still in progress as you join. You start in Gnomeregan for a couple of quests and then, after a decontamination, you’re set free in Dun Morogh to do quests for the new gnomish camps there. I don’t think the story here was quite as tight as the troll one, it falls back on general errand quests as the gnomes investigate the corruption around their home, but it’s still a good opening.

The shared bit

After the first six levels or so the two routes combine. As with the orc/troll route there don’t seem to have been major changes here, you’re still mostly moving from village to village to deal with their individual problems, but it did feel like more of an attempt had been made to string them all together. The cataclysm has shaken the entire mountainous region and driven a lot of the local trolls and troggs up out of their cave homes, so there is lots of talk about the need to drive them back to secure the safety of Ironforge, and quest-givers in one camp will refer to the problems in another well before you’re sent out to them.

There’s no obvious stopping point here as it’s a path that is supposed to lead you much further than the isolated sequences of the goblin and worgen campaigns do, but the final quest for me was a big battle at an airfield that included going up in a plane and flying around, so it served as a big finale. There’s nothing truly dramatic and spectacular here, but it’s a solid opening.

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