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Gaming: World of Warcraft: 6) Tauren


It's a well.

For me the tauren always struck a better balance between being a peaceful people and having to take part in conflict than the night elves do. I don’t think the tauren in World of Warcraft come across as quite the same race as they did in Warcraft 3, the big broad character models in the MMO not quite aligning with the leaner ones of the strategy game, but that’s not a major issue. They’re a people who know that aggression is sometimes necessary, but they strive for peace.

Before Cataclysm the tauren sequence essentially took the form of a tribal rite of passage, and that’s still mostly true now. The cataclysm has left the local quillboar population riled up though, so you’re dropped straight into a series of quests to help push them back, and the Grimtotem clan, long-time enemies of the Bloodhoof tribe, have finally gone too far (I’ll cover why in a separate post just for the general story of the factions) and need to be driven out of Mulgore once and for all.

There’s a good sense of momentum to the tauren starting zone, and it feels like you’re following a line of quests that keep you moving. Functionally you’re still moving on simply because you’ve done all the isolated quests in your current location, but the illusion of it being part of something more holds up much better than it does in most of the other starting zones. It ends with Baine Bloodhoof himself stepping in to fight alongside you against the Grimtotem, a basic fight that doesn’t grant much experience but is fun from a story point of view.

It ended slightly sooner than the others, or perhaps it just doesn’t have as many straight killing quests that are better for experience (as you’re earning it from each kill in addition to the big chunk awarded upon turning in a quest), as I finished it at level twelve. As my stopping point for these starter zones is level thirteen I did a few quests in the Barrens just to cap off the level, but that doesn’t really count against the playthrough as it’s a wholly arbitrary stopping point that wasn’t part of Blizzard’s design. It’s a good starting zone, and probably represents the minimum of what I’d like to see from each of the opening areas.

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